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What is MyXRJobs?

MyXRJobs.com is a creation between a small number of people who collectively had trouble finding work in the Extended Reality (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed reality) industry due to the distinct lack of job boards where companies and those developers, designers and others could find new work, and new employees.

So, where to go from here?

First of all, we'd welcome you to check out the website if you haven't already, and take a look at the augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality jobs that are available. We're constantly working with companies to get their jobs onto our website on a daily basis, so be sure to check back occasionally.

The blog will be regularly updated with news, insights and tips from the industry for those who are already working with augmented reality, virtual reality, and other sectors within XR, as well as info for those interested in getting started.

What else?

  • Join our social media channels for further networking with like-minded individuals, and employers alike. We have groups on FacebookLinkedIn & Slack.
  • Stay tuned for our podcast. It's coming soon and we'll be talking with some of the big names in the industry who will provide their thoughts of the current state, and what the future holds for XR.

We're here to help! if you need anything along the way, email us at support@myxrjobs.com
- The MyXRJobs Team