Unreal 3D Developer

  • Curie
  • Seattle, WA, US

About Curie

Virtual showrooms save lives and the environment. We believe the Metaverse is a more sustainable way to support e-commerce, and we’re looking for smart, driven people to help us populate the Metaverse.

Curie is a Seattle-based startup focused on supplying the growing need for 3D, from retail to online experiences, by creating AI-powered tools at the forefront of technology to generate 3D assets.

Work in a remote-work environment with room for autonomy and self-direction. You are self-motivated, work at the forefront of AI-powered tools, and have a passion for high-quality experiences of the future.


This project is to help define and implement a Unreal-based client app to our company’s existing API system to allow our customers to pull our 3D objects (hosted via Cloud Front). This app needs to track usage of the 3D object (number of views) and trigger actions (i.e. report usage to date, stop serving objects if budget targets are exceeded, ensure there is a ‘poster’ image for each 3D object, etc). We will give you more details regarding the specific requirements during the interview.

The developer who succeeds in this project will be able to certify that the links we provide to our customers are easy for them to implement, load our 3D objects quickly and certify that the Unreal AR experience will be excellent for the end-users.


  • Proven experience working with Unreal Platform
  • Proficiency in C++ and Blueprint for Unreal
  • Experience in consuming APIs in Unreal for pulling/pushing 3D objects is a plus

Curie aims to power 3D everywhere with the largest library of 3D content, supplying e-commerce, AI-training, and the Metaverse. We use AI to generate 3D from 2D photos on the Web, digitizing entire stores and products at scale.