HTC to Unveil All-in-One VR and AR Headset at CES

Chris Wyatt -

HTC is set to unveil its new all-in-one virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headset at CES on January 5th. The headset, which has yet to be named, is reportedly lightweight and features front and side-facing cameras, enabling users to see a full-color passthrough video feed of the physical world around them without having to remove the headset. This feature is expected to provide more immersive mixed-reality experiences compared to black-and-white passthrough video.

The headset may also offer a wider dynamic range than rival models, allowing users to more easily read text on screens without removing the headset. The headset will be self-contained and have a battery life of 2 hours. According to HTC Global Head of Product, Shen Ye, the headset will be designed with a focus on being small, lightweight, and comfortable, and will be used for gaming, entertainment, exercise, and even enterprise tools. It will also feature support for controllers with six degrees of freedom and hand tracking.


HTC is positioning the headset as a flagship offering and claims it will offer advantages over the $1,500 Meta Quest Pro, including higher dynamic range on the cameras. It is not yet clear whether the headset will include inward-facing cameras for eye tracking, but HTC has stated that it is taking a careful approach to privacy with the headset.